About Us
We are
Ghost Creativ

We looked around and saw the potential of businesses in our city. Then we looked at the solutions available to help them reach that potential and saw a gap.

Enter Ghost Creativ.

If your brand is worth talking about, we’ll get people talking.

Quality products and services can get lost in our world of information abundance. We don’t just help you get found by the right people, we help make your story worth screaming from the rooftops.

We are Ghost Creativ.

Bold Branding
Your brand is your identity. We help you define that identity so you remain consistent and cohesive with your messaging – everywhere.
Compelling Creative
Your creative is what makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s what makes your story unique, your image undeniable and your story worth repeating.
Attention to Detail(s)
Great ideas are just the start. Execution is key. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and the idea that everything worth doing is worth doing right.
our skills
There are plenty of talented people in the world. Here’s what we’re good at.
Digital Marketing
Drinking Coffee
Why choose us
We know you have choices. That’s how it should be.
We also know that we aren’t for everyone. So who are we for?
We’re for the people that value these things:
At the heart of everything we do is solid, human, no-BS communication. We listen more than we talk. It's the only way to do it.
We refuse to put billboards in the desert. Our approach is based on driving business results. You tell us your KPIs and we'll figure out ways to improve them.
We want the process and results to be clear. We want you to be comfortable and confident with the work we do.
In the end, we aren't a business. We're just human. We just work in the digital world (and love it). We're here to help however we can.
our process
Nothing is ever perfect, but we try to get as close as we possibly can.
Our process typically looks something like this:

It all starts with knowing where you are and knowing where you want to go. We help you discover both.


Once we know the destination – whether it be a new website or a social campaign – we then design the solution.


The implementation phase is where the attention to detail comes in. “Pixel perfect” is the current buzz word, so we might as well use it.


As a results-driven company, we would be remiss if we didn’t quantify our successes (and failures). We’re not happy until we can show you why you should be.

They said it
We love our customers. Most of them love us back.
Jason Keath
Social Fresh Conference

“A pleasure to work with. They get the job done, are very responsive and hugely professional/trustworthy. I am always very thankful when we are able to find partners that are great to work with.”

Joan Lasher
The Gilded Eagle Inn

“Once the process got rolling, I discovered how creative and talented Ghost Creativ is as a website development team. My favorite part of the process… working side by side with Josh as we implemented ideas and changes to create an awesome final product that accurately reflects my business.”

Miguel Rodriguez
Most High Ministries

“I was blown away by their knowledge and expertise when it came to the ins and outs of web development. Whenever I had a question or concern they were quick to respond and made sure that my satisfaction was met each time.”

Madeleine Burnside
The Sanity Papers

“Working with Ghost Creativ has been a pleasure. It’s really remarkable to have someone developing your site who acts like a partner on the project with an equal stake in it.”

Our Core Minds
You may find a team with more experience, more resources or more charisma (doubtful on that one), but you’ll never find a team that cares more about their clients than we do.
Josh Layhue
Josh Layhue
VP of Technology
Max Weber
Max Weber
VP of Marketing
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder
Creative Director

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